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Chat with transgender women, transsexuals and ladyboys from Canada in our free adult trans, ladyboy and transsexual chat rooms. We strive to be totally inclusive. We welcome transgender women, ladyboys, MtF, FtM, pre-op, post-op, non-op, transgender, transsexuals, crossdressers, transvestites, intersex, androgynous, gender fluid, gender queer, genetic males, genetic females, significant others and trans community friends. It is easy to start chatting with others in your shemale & ladyboy community members from Canada. Click the "Enter Chat Rooms" button to create a free chat profile and start chatting now. Not from Canada? All transgender chat profiles are easily searchable no matter where you are. With 44 chatting in the chat rooms and with 339 ladyboy community members online you are sure to find fun transsexual friends to chat with. Join us in the free Adult Trans Canada chat rooms and start connecting.

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Adult Transgender Chatters in Canada

Christinew55's Chat & Dating Profile
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CA
I am a part time crossdresser. I enjoy dressing up. I would love to have someone to dress with and learn makeup from. I may not pass very well but dressing makes me feel so relaxed. I would love to be able to go out on a girls night out. I never considered myself gay or bi, but i have that feeling when i dress.
TCLeonis's Chat & Dating Profile
Calgary, Alberta, CA
Checking this out. Ideally would like to make friends or find that one lady
ViviannaMTF's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
I started crossdressing at age 12, in my mother's bra and lipstick. I had always fantasized about dressing up as a girl from an early age. I enjoy wearing dresses, skirts, pantyhose, high heels, full makeup, wigs, ladies jewelry, perfume, and putting on fake nails. I enjoy acting and behaving like a pretty lady.
julie55's Chat & Dating Profile
Alberta, CA
I mature tgirl that enjoys the beauty shop and housewife theme
NorthernGuy2's Chat & Dating Profile
Hi, I'm Dennis and the CA means Canada. Sorry for any confusion, I've been here on and off over the years. Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Feel free to chat
rallie1's Chat & Dating Profile
Quebec, Quebec, CA
Been into the woman thing for a long time
Melissatrerss's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Lifelong cd looking for friendship and more.
VanesssaCD's Chat & Dating Profile
London, Ontario, CA
Looking to meet likeminded people who enjoy the lifestyle. Here only to share the experience not to hook up
Giselle's Chat & Dating Profile
Oshawa, Ontario, CA
soon to be 67 yr old non op ts/ crossdresser with a somewhat tolerant wife
JeniferSands's Chat & Dating Profile
Whitby, Ontario, CA
Hi, my name is Jenifer. I am so glad to be part of this site. Hoping to meet some new friends and then who knows what could happen!! A little about me...........I have been dressing since about the age of 13. No one knows about Jenifer. I am a submissive girl who has a deep fetish for highheels, feet and sexy polished toenails. My email is
AnnaChristopher's Chat & Dating Profile
Calgary, Alberta, CA
Just a simple gal living a simple life. I've been around the Trans community since dirt was invented. Actually, I put the T in dirt. :) Started dressing up when I was 5, brought my Femme side out when I was 12 and I've never looked back. I'm 5'8", 120 pounds. Well, 5'13" in heels :). Green eyes and reddish brown or blonde hair. Love everything when it comes to women's clothing. More so Pantyhose, or any kind of hosiery! I also sell women's clothing wholesale. I don't think of myself as a female. Nor do I really think I'm a Male, TV, TS, CD, TG, DQ, SM. I'm a HB, and dern proud of it. If you are unsure as to what HB is, just ask. OH, and I want a Sugar Daddy. No wait, I'm diabetic. Ok, how about a Splenda Daddy! He, of course, would be Splendid! Someone who can keep me in the lifestyle that I have become accustomed to. By that I mean fine foods like rice and vegetables. Long walks off a short pier. An endless supply of Netflix. Social Distancing (at least 2000 miles away) and a charge card with no limit (not a gift card for KFC!!!) I don't think that is asking to much. The line starts over on the right. Please drop a note to say hi and I will respond as time permits. Hugs be with you, Anna PS: Oh, yea, I love donuts as well :)
Lynniegirl's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
I am a balanced, very out girl next door type. I have lived a cross life working still as a boy .. and otherwise very feminine for just under 25 yrs. A therapist I was working with shared with me that finding a partner was like "finding a needle in a haystack." Well I found that needle.. she is warm, loving and amazing.... oh and loves me for the girl I am. I am very out. What started out as a night time and very private thing, morphed into a life for myself that is not much different than any of the many gg's I count as friends. I am out to my family and mostly all of my friends and have been blessed with acceptance, support and loving help to create just a regular girl life for me to blend into the world as nothing more unusual than a cute, funny and sharp witted girl. I am not looking for cyber, dates or anything more than good banter and positive energy. Lynnie My fav quote is: "Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light." Brene Brown I adore witty bright hipsters....
dawnawlm's Chat & Dating Profile
Oshawa, Ontario, CA
I am a sweet, fun loving chick lol. Quite submissive .. would love to find a dominant mature (over 50) man to be with. PM is fine :) P.S. not interested in under 30 folks ... apologies
Michelle2112's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Hey, so I'm a 5' 11" pre-op transwoman living full time since 01/2020 looking to connect with people. I am independent and consider myself to be an ardent feminist. I'm looking for an older guy, at peace with themselves that knows what they want. Minimal drama, pleasant times and laughs, with affection and care. I'm typically a bit reserved out of the gate, but that can change depending on how comfortable I feel around someone. I tend to see myself as: analytical and kind of artsy, love technology, love movies in general (I guess most people would say loving 'film' or 'cinema' is too pretentious!), interesting streaming series, music is an integral part of who I am, and I love having conversations about anything from the mundane to politics. I don't eat meat but love all sorts of food. Indian food is my absolute favourite but am always interested in other styles... I'm a hockey fan and just love Sid, I enjoy motorsports as well as being a fan of Formula 1. As I get older I find that I seek connections with people that are more meaningful and interesting, be they friendships or something of a more romantic nature. I find as the world around us seems to become a harsher place that we need to be kinder - to others AND to ourselves. I mostly don't mind if folks PM me but it would be great if you were polite and had a profile picture with something meaningful about you as well! And lastly for those angry men out there who show their true colours after chatting a while, an excerpt from Psychology Today - "Finally, it is important to emphasize that a transgender individual’s gender expression is not responsible for eliciting the prejudice of others. Rather, transprejudice stems from an internal process in which the person holding the prejudice experiences a threat to an aspect of their own identity, and thus lashes out against trans individuals as a means of trying to reaffirm the boundaries surrounding important aspects how they define their identity—in this case, their gender." Fun fact: In 2018 Dr. Joshua Safer, Executive Director of the Center for Transgender Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital, said, “Being transgender is not a matter of choice. It is not a fad … it is generally an overwhelming sense that their gender is not the one on their birth certificate.”
Robtoronto's Chat & Dating Profile
Cobourg, Ontario, CA
alpha masculine athletic vibrant youthful, and horny all the time admirer
ShannonSteels's Chat & Dating Profile
Thunder Bay, Ontario, CA
This is such a wonderful place. Everyone here is so special. I Love you all. 2020 Wow I can't believe how time flies and I am still desperately seeking a friend that lives here that I can relate to!!! Can’t believe what’s happening in the world!! It was only a matter of time before Mother Nature bit us in the ass!!! Stay safe girls and this to shall pass!!! This has changed my outlook on life!! I am pretty much full time in my isolation!!!! Lifelong Trans finally out and about. 5'10 and life has been good so I woun/t mention me weight lol (I'm a work in progress)in lonely NW Ontario, Canada. I wish my partner and I could move to a place where Transexuals are loved and accepted for the wonderful people that we are. I love everything Feminine and I know everyone here is striving toward the beauty of femininity Looking for other humans for friendship, support and to support in my lifelong journey to womanhood. I know with the help of all the beautiful people here I can reach my goals. I know now how far I want to go down this path but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Feb 10 2017 Update - I seem to be moving forward in the direction of womanhood. Even with still no support in Thunder Bay other than my loving partner. The urge and time spent as a woman is growing more and more every second it seems but the isolation associated also is becoming more. The need for HRT seems to be growing but not knowing where I will obtain it is a problem. Looking for help on line for a start. I welcome any help from the girls here. I hope to someday soon meet Everyone here. I Love you All Deeply. Kisses Shannon xoxoxoxox Thank You for this wonderful Site. You bring sunshine to everyone here. Quick update Nov 23, 2023 Just a quick note to let you all know what’s going on in my life as Shannon!!! My dysphoria has progressively gotten worse as I age!!! I have started Hormones which so helped with physical and mental changes!!! I have progressed to almost full time with a supportive partner!! Only thing my physician has retired and my prescription has run out!!! Pout!!!! I’m sure I will find a new one soon!!! I’m still seeking out a good TG friend to explore my feminine side and theirs!!! Travel seems the only way!!! Thunder Bay is still a lonely place!!! Come on girls I don’t bite and could be a good helpful friend!!! Not looking for sex but who knows what will happen!!!
hayleecdgurl's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Just a shy cross dresser
TransVirgin69's Chat & Dating Profile
Niagara Falls, Ontario, CA
I have recently been interested in discovering my sexuality and trying to experience different sexual encounters
jocan's Chat & Dating Profile
Kingston, Ontario, CA
Hi back on here after taking some time off still figuring myself
Charlietg's Chat & Dating Profile
North Rustico, Prince Edward Island, CA
I am an honest, loving, romantic, open-minded and understanding trans woman. I enjoy wearing everthing female such as panties, bras, pantyhose, tights, body suits, dresses, winter coats, makeup and etc. i enjoy dressing up as a female and going out in public dressed "En Femme". I dress as a female 24/7. I have shoulder length brunette hair and I am thinking about get a 20" halo hair hair extension to make my hair longer. I enjoy wearing high heels and I am very good at walking in them. I am looking for accepting females, othet TV, TG, CD for makeup advice, dating and possible with the right person. I am not into to real men so if you are a male and you are not a TV, TG or Cd contact me. I am looking for a serious relationship. I would also like to find ways to make my face look more feminine.
daveltss's Chat & Dating Profile
Woodstock, Ontario, CA
I have always wanted atransexual afair
Jonny0707's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
I am a male. 38 Brown hair Brown eyes 5'10 Dad bod I am working into shape I have pictures and love to share. Just ask I am a longtime admirer and I am looking for a partner in crime for adventures and a relationship.
Roosterman's Chat & Dating Profile
Barrie, Ontario, CA
I'm looking for fun and more fun
Crisiecd1's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Hi, I am a closeted cross dresser and have been so for as long as I can remember. I love to chat with other cds. I love to dress….and I prefer mature cds but will chat with anyone. As a closeted cd it be a very lonely…so I am happy to chat. DMs welcome from other cds.

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