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To be or not to be my new BoyFriend

Posted: 5 months ago - Sep 25, 2023

His name is Jim, a nice man that is local to my neighborhood. Well I see him when I am out jogging or just fast walking he has always been very friendly when we pass each other. It just happend that he and I were walking and headed the same direction, he quickly said hello and I returned the kind gesture. It was not a fast walk on my part and he asked if he could join me, so I agreed he is cute as I said I have seen him before. He is hard not to notice I would say he is 6' 2inches tall, and medium to light build with wide shoulders and athletic legs. Jim has sandy hair and a square jaw with light brown eyes and usually wears a watch of some sort, and a chain on his neck gold. It's Interesting what you can see in a moment especially when you are attraced to a person. So now that we have walked together it has been easier to say hello when we are not running the same direction, say hello and chat a little. He travels out of town for work, not sure exactly what he does I'm sure he has told me but I find it hard to concentrate with him next to me. He knows Im a different type of girl and asked briefly once but, honestly I dont even remember how the subject came up but it did and I didnt feel wierded out at all, more glad that he knows.

One day I was doing my run and I had just finished so I was headed to the parking lot, now when I jog I am wearing some nice Fabletics so comfy. Anyways Jim just shows up out of nowhere and suprises me a little startled wasn't really looking out for anyone. He smiled and asked how I was, complimented me on how I looked and distracted me with how nice the day turned out for a quick jog in the park. I had to agree because it was a very nice day, sunny with a breeze, Jim then said with such a beautiful day the nights have to be even better with good company. I smiled and began to get a little nervous as I watched his lips move but really didnt hear a word he said. I mean I did hear him ask me out to dinner tonight but it had not registered and I was not expecting this from him, at all. He asked again and this time I looked at him with a smile and wasn't sure how to answer him, but he made that easy for me with his smile so I said yes. You should have seen his face it light up like a firecracker, and I was more nervous now than ever. Jim asked for my number, and I had to kind of look it up, again this is nice looking man wanting me to go on a dinner date with him, He told me to wear a dress it would be semi formal and maybe drinks or dancing after, totally up to me. I thanked him and he leaned over and kissed me on my check, oh my he smelled so nice.

I had to sit in the car for about what seemed like 20 minutes to collect myself, and then it set in. Oh my I have to get ready, this changed my whole day! I am on high alert, time to go and get myself put together and then what am I going to wear. Dinner plus maybe dancing or drinks that is a lot of different types of outfits and shoes. My nails needed to get redone, quickly so I went home cleaned up and made myself comfortable at the nail salon, the ladies really got into the whole getting me ready so It turned out to be the best thing to happen to me. I decided that I had a nice pair of nude 4 inch heels with a bit of dazzling shimmer, a pair of nude thigh highs with a soft design, a beautiful pencil skirt short just above the knees by a few inches and a nice fluffy dark colored top and a very light shawl to cover my shoulders if needed but thin enough to put in my mini bag.

The time comes and he sends me a text he wont be late, to take my time when he gets to my home. Just very thoughful and I did need the extra time to get a few of the details finished, get my purse ladida ladida. He arrives in a very shiny big long truck, and it has a lift, I learned from him was an extra thing he had done to it. This made it a bit interesting to get into the truck, with a pencil skirt, but before I get to that. When he comes to my door and knocks I was really scared like why, its just a date but I couldnt catch my breath and now the girdle/waiste trainer felts a little tight. Anyways as I opened the front door he looked at me in such a way that I felt nude, and I was ok with it becasue it was Jim. He walked up held my hand and kissed it then gave me a white rose, I was glad since I was so nervous. He remineded me that I should probably put it in a vase and I did he walked in to the foyer and I as quickly as I could ran to the kitchen grabbed a cup with a little water and wala.

I think he had fun watching me run in heels, but he had more fun helping me into the truck. I mean I had to pull up my pencil skirt a little more than I wanted, and he did push me up by my tooshie to get up in his truck. I am sure he had a peek, but not too much, and once he closed the door I had to quickly adjust myself before he came around. Just to let you know he had some small water bottles in the cup holders for us, and I was thirsty from all the excitement. The ride to the restaurant was nice we talked it was roughly 20 minutes due to traffic and we talked, he was very curious about me and where I worked, how long I lived in the house so it was easy for me to get distracted and this helped me relax. At the restaurant, the attendants had a nice large step stool for me to use and get out of the truck with hardly any effort or emparissing, peekaboo's.

He held my hand and opened all the doors for me, and he had made dinner reservations so it was no wait at all, right to the nice table, semi private so i did not feel exposed with all the other people there. A small round booth, with candle lights and curtains that gave us some privacy and we did sit close to each other. Jim must have gotten a hair cut and he smelled very nice, not too much cologne but nice hands, a nice watch and very shiny shoes. Did I notice the bulge in his pants, yes I did but kept my eyes somewhere else and noticed his neck muscles. We had a lot of conversation and wine for dinner, plus we also had a desert that we shared. Just the desert not the fork, I would'nt have minded if we did but this was good for now.

Once we were done with dinner he asked an suggested we walk, we are in area that has lots of other places to go a little night life. We walked and eventually found a bar with some music and went in. The music, flashing lights, drinks, just made for time to slip on by, quickly! We danced all kinds of music and versions of dance, close not close, quick, and slow dancing it was like a dream come true. Jim was himself he held nothing back letting me know he was comfortable with me. Jim seemed to enjoy my company and he also made it easy for me tell he wanted me, as I did want him. Evnetually it was 3 am in the moring and a ride home from him was short and long. This time I sat next to him and he returned the favor by holding me, pulling me closer. We both are now so tired and obviously very tipsy to say the least, well probably we shouldnt be driving or even be out. I felt safe in his arms, and when I placed my head on his shoulder now my eyes were fixed on his bulge in his pants. I felt so drawn to it that I didn't even realize my hand was on his pants, feeling it and squeezing just a little, then it hit me OH MY Im touching his cock, and I could tell he was just fine. At this point I looked up and smiled, as i reached over to unzip, Jim moved his legs open more, making it easier for me. I was still in this trans of wanting him to want me, and I knew that if I could pull his cock out and blow him off it would help me. Thats when I had his pants unzipped, his cock was thick under the boxers and I wasnt waiting I pulled his cock, my cock now. I pulled it out and placed it in my hand, as I went down all you could hear is my man moan and groan. He smelled so manly, his cock got hard like a big stick, I couldn't believe it would get that hard with my lips on him. I made sure to work up and down, fondle his ball sack each one I would hold and kept blowing. I think he had trouble driving but we made it home and I finished him while we parked in front of my place.

That cock released so much man juice, so much cum all over. I didnt realize how much he had in him, and I cleaned it all up, so well that I had him cum again, all I could hear was him moan just before and then he released cum, so yum, excuse the pun. All cleaned up he, looks at me with a smile and helps me get down from his truck, he basically lifts me off the side step and puts me on the ground, then seals it with a kiss. I was suprised he wanted to kiss me, I mean really I had cock breath and cum saliva but he did and a nice long kiss with tongue and his hands everywhere. Is this love? Once more at my front door, he kissed me after I unlocked it making sure I got inside safely. Wow! I had no idea I could feel so Fem, so desired by a wonderful man person, mmmm.

This is it as I explained to my friends my date, all I was told is "how does it feel to have a boy friend?"

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