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The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 9: the after Slumber party.

Posted: 4 months ago - Nov 09, 2023

The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 9: the after Slumber party.


Disclosure: The

following erotic story contains descriptions of explicit fictional

and nonfictional sexual content The likes of which may stimulate some and

offend others so anyone not interested in reading such content or would be

offended by it should stop reading and quit this page immediately. Any and

all acts described in this story are either fictional or were between

consenting adults of legal age to consent in all jurisdictions in

which no acts described violated any applicable laws.


Mandy’s third year at Vixen College

begins, but it would not be complete without the first week slumber Party and

the after party the next morning with her friends Monique, Julie, Marci, Ashley

and her intimate sexploration partner Jasminea .


The slumber party was a huge

success. Drinks, music, games, and the intimate lingerie show and tell

presentation . I do not even remember going to sleep , but I must have as I was

having a delightful dream. Her wet warm tongue was sliding down the top side of

my clit and her soft lips were grabbing my root with delicate grace, my clit

deep in her throat and throbbing. She was repeatedly demonstrating her

exquisite skills. Her tongue was fluttering on the sensitive skin under my clit

head and she was cork screwing her hands in opposite directions as she bobbed

up and down on my clit, giving loving attention to every single centimeter of

my 25cm love pole. It was an amazing blowjob with me on my back, feeling her

hard nipples on my flat tummy trace random patterns against the soft flesh.


Suddenly, I felt the sides of her

knees against my shoulders, the creamy soft inner thigh skin grazing my hard

nipples and the sound of her slowly slurping up her throat saliva after that

last deep throat effort .  I realized this wasn't a

dream. Jasminea was on top of me. 


I've always loved looking at

Jasminea’s magnificent bald, smooth, female pussy, and, when I opened my eyes,

there it was, centimeters away, while I was getting wonderful wake up head, or

had I even gone to sleep last night? It was, still is, all a blur, but my

focus intensified quickly. I did notice the amazing sunrise through the

large floor to ceiling windows in my Master Bedroom in my high rise, luxury

condo just near campus.  The way the reddish light bathed Jasminea’s

tan, Latina ass was eye opening, literally.


“What a beautiful sight to wake up

to. Good morning, Baby,” I said.

Jasminea took my clit out of her

mouth just long enough to say, “Good morning to you, Baby.” and went right back

to deep throating me.

I reached up with both hands,

palmed each cheek of her beautiful, firm, petite ass, and pulled her hips

close enough for me to lick her sweet pussy. She was already wet, and tasted so


“Mmmmm,” she purred, not letting go

of my clit. I could now feel the hum in addition to all the other sensations on

my clit.

I worked my tongue in between the

folds of her pussy, found her clit, gave it a few flicks, worked my way back to

her pussy love tunnel, gave it a few licks, then worked back and forth between

the two places. She started rocking back and forth to my rhythms, pushing her

pussy down a little further. Her juices got hotter, wetter, and tastier, and

she hummed on my clit again, this time even longer.

Without warning, she let go of my

clit and sat straight up, pouring even more of her sweet pussy juices into my


“Now that you're awake, I'm climbing

on,” she announced, moving down my body and starting to turn around. 

It wasn't easy watching Jasminea's

beautiful, tasty pussy moving out of reach of my tongue, but, knowing where she

was headed with it, how could I complain?

She turned her head and looked into

my eyes. I melted. Her beauty, her eyes, her smile. I couldn't help but smile


Jasminea straddled herself over my

rock hard clit, put her fingers and thumb around my root, aimed my clit

straight up, and slid herself all the way down, slowly, but surely, taking

every bit of me, then squeezing my root with her angelic pussy lips. She has

always been so tight despite all our fuck sessions and routinely works her

Cagle muscles to make sure I know that she could squeeze my clit like a vice

whenever she wished. This morning was not one of those times. Gentle,

wet, velvety soft flesh is what I plunged into as she repeatedly sat down

on my clit. Her tiny waist and petite frame was so angelic it was

mesmerizing to watch her work.


“We’re a perfect fit for each

other.” she said. 

I agreed with a smile and nod of my


Even though I still hadn't fully

woken up, I kept my eyes open so I could look deeply into her beautiful eyes

while she mounted me. 

“I love watching the look on your

face while you’re taking me in deeper and deeper into your sweet pussy,” I told


“I love the look on your face while

I’m doing it,” she said.

She leaned over and gave me a deep,

tender, passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to

me. Our nipples matching, erection to erection. Her petite tits were firm

and a perfect handful, but right now, she wanted to kiss me and feel my nipples

play with hers.

“I love the feel your beautiful,

tender breasts against my chest,” I told her.

She lifted herself up and put one

of them into my mouth. Almost instantly, her nipple pointed and hardened. She

gave me the other one, and it came to a point even faster.

She sat up straight, smiled

sweetly, swirled her hips around, moved up and down, and rocked back and forth,

using her tight, hot, sweet pussy to explore my long, thick, engorged clit from

every possible angle. It was a glorious way to wake up.

I heard the bedroom door open, and

I could tell by Jasminea’s, “It's OK” look, she knew what was going on. Julie

came prancing in. 

“Hi, Jasminea! Hi, Mandy!” she



Julie and Jasminea are new friends

with an old common problem – they both get quite cranky right before their

periods. They tried everything, and they both found getting well fucked by me,

or a dildo facsimile of my clit, was the only thing that did anything

meaningful for their PMS situation. 

Over the weeks and months we all have

known each other, when one of them had a lover and the other didn't, they would

sometimes share their lovers with each other for these difficult monthly times

when I was not available. After Julie broke up with her usual lover several

months ago, she had confided in me that only a good fuck with a large toy by

one of her Rose Community girlfriends helped. Once I introduced Jasminea

into the Rose Community as my special Pink Rose girl, I would lend her out to

my friends like Julie to take care of their PMS situations when I was not

available. I would give Jasminea one of my replica dildos which looked

just like my clit, and she would do the rest.


Jasminea told me about their

sharing arrangement since they had become friends, and it excited me to think of

them fucking each other with one of my replica dildos.  She also

would let me know when I could help her new friend out in her times of need

since Julie was still a Red Rose girl and could no longer ask anything of me

directly since my elevation to White Rose status at the end of my second year

at Vixen College.


“How can I refuse a request like

that?” I remember replying. 


Jasminea told me, “I hadn't yet

gotten around to telling you Julie needed you again this morning. That's why I

woke you up.”


“At your service, Miss Julie ,” I

said, looking over to Julie with a welcoming smile.

Julie smiled back, blew me a kiss,

handed Jasminea her coffee, hopped out of her sandals and up onto the bed, and

put her knees on either side of my head, facing Jasminea. I could see under her

dress. She was wearing my favorite girls underwear – none. Without

pausing, she squatted her lovely, delicious pussy right onto my mouth. 


I love eating pussy. I love how it

looks, and I love how it tastes. I love how it smells; it’s heavenly sent, with

a heavenly scent. I love how it feels, and I love how it responds to my lips

and tongue. I sometimes wonder what it would sound like if it could sing, and

all I can ever imagine is a choir of angels.

While I’m eating pussy in the 69

position, sometimes I get so excited about how it feels in my mouth I have to

turn around and put my clit in it. Other times, when I’m tonguing the girl to

extasy, I get so excited about how the pussy juice feels on my tongue, I have

to turn around, crawl between her legs, and start a deep French kiss of her

pussy. With one pussy on my clit and another on my tongue, all such problems


As I began licking Julie’s pussy,

she pulled her dress off over her head, tossed it aside, and gave Jasminea a

long, deep hug. With Julie sitting on my face, Jasminea sitting on my clit, I

only had a partial view of their breasts melting into each other, but I could

easily imagine the full beauty of what was happening. I could also feel

Jasminea's pussy getting hotter, wetter, tighter, and more vigorous on my clit

while Julie’s was getting hotter and wetter in my mouth. 


“Let’s put this coffee to good use,”

Jasminea said, as she handed Julie back her coffee and dismounted me. 


I knew exactly what they were

talking about, and with Julie’s pussy still wiggling on my lips, I fluttered my

tongue to show my appreciation for their innovativeness 


Julie took a big gulp of the hot

coffee, swirled it around in her mouth, handed it back to Jasminea, and went

down on me with hot mouth and throat now that we were officially in 69

position, way hotter, in several ways, than a normal blowjob. Jasminea,

kneeling on the bed and stroking Julie’s hair as she bobbed her head all the

way up and all the way down my long clit shaft, took a gulp of coffee and did

the same thing. After switching the coffee and my clit back and forth between

them a few times, the coffee was gone and they had lapped all of Jasminea's

pussy juices from my clit, getting it raging hot in the process.

Jasminea pushed Julie back up into

the sitting position climbed back onto my hot clit, eased her way to my root,

and squeezed it tight. The sensations of her pussy were even more intense than


I wasn't ready to cum yet, though.

I engaged my mental tantric training and just knew that if I waited to cum for

a while longer, I can fuck longer, and have even stronger orgasms. 

Julie was panting and moaning, and

I could feel her clit swelling against my tongue. Her pussy went into intense

orgasm spasms.

“fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, Mandy you

are the best, really, a professional, Oh yes, Yes,” Julie exclaimed as

more of her sweet love juices flowed into my mouth.

After Julie calmed down, she lifted

herself off my face, saying, “Oh, thank you, Mandy. That was wonderful. Now,

what I really need is your clit in me so I don't bite somebody's head off


Jasminea gave Julie a sympathetic

smile and lifted off my clit to make room for Julie. She helped Julie turn

around to mount me, cowgirl style, spreading Julie’s pussy lips with one hand

and aiming my clit into Julie’s pussy with the other. Watching one beautiful

woman gracefully put a clit into another beautiful woman’s hot pussy is a

wonderful scene to watch – especially when it's my clit.

Julie closed her eyes, almost going

into a trance, and slowly slid all the way down to my root. Her pussy was still

having involuntary contractions from her orgasm. I was so happy to be fucking

her while she was having them and helping her enjoy them further. 

Julie’s movements were slow,

deliberate, and intense, squeezing, releasing, milking, rocking, and riding my

erect clit. It was like she was meditating and doing yoga, using the root of my

clit as her pivot point. Jasminea was kneeling between my legs behind Julie,

steering Julie from her hips, abdomen, lower back, and ass, as if Julie’s body

was part of hers and she was riding me herself, only using Julie’s body.

After about ten minutes of this

blissful, meditative fuck, Julie experienced a soft, gentle orgasm which

flooded my clit with her cunt juice . She gave out a long, deep sigh, and

finally opened her eyes, gave us both friendly, loving kisses and hugs,

and got up, saying, “Thank you guys, I really needed that. I hate to just get

laid and run, but I have a full day.” 

Turning to me with a frisky smile,

she said, “I sure am glad I could squeeze you in, Mandy. That was an

amazing slumber party, and this after party was a perfect way to start the



Julie vanished as quickly as she

had arrived, but, before she was even out the door, Jasminea put my clit back

in her mouth and down her throat for a few strokes before mounting me again.

Her pussy was even hotter and wetter than it was earlier. 

“Thank you for being so sweet to

Julie ,” Jasminea said.

“Of course, always sweetie,” I

replied, adding jokingly, “especially the hot, cute ones who want to join us in


As Jasminea kept riding me, her

movements got stronger. When she started rubbing her clit, I knew where she was


“Oh, Mandy! I'm cuuumm...ming,” she

gasped, getting so lost in her orgasm she had a hard time getting that last

word out. 

I pushed her hips down on mine in

time with her breathing, impaling my clit even deeper into her sweet honey pot

while she gushed, breath, after breath, after heavy gasping breath.

Jasminea caught her breath,

straddled my right leg while keeping my clit tight in her pussy, laid her body

diagonally across my chest, and put her head on my left shoulder, instinctively

reaching out with her lips to start suckling my left nipple. I positioned

my left breast just so, and guided her head to allow her to take as much of my

nipple and breast as she could in her small mouth. I love this position

after my girlfriends climax. 

I put my arms around her and held

her tightly. Meanwhile, her pussy was still having involuntary pulsations from

her orgasm.

“I love you, Baby.”

“I love you, too, Baby.” We laid

there quite some time, basking in the afterglow of the party and the morning

sex session.

We had both dozed off. When I woke

up, we were still in the same position. I still had my erect clit buried into

Jasminea, and her pussy was still wet. I stroked her hair and body, and she


“Getting hungry?” she asked.

“Hungry for more of your sweet

pussy,” I laughed, flipping her over on her back and going down to lick more of

her sweet juices, stopping along the way to nibble on her cute, perky nipples.

After a few licks, I knew Jasminea

was wet enough to enter again. I lifted up to my knees between her legs, ,

started kissing her, and began probing the opening to her pussy with my

clit.  She was teasing me with her amazing Cagle muscles and locked

down tight, just to see if my clit was hard enough to push through.

It wasn't long before my clit

pushed through the slippery, but tight, entrance to Jasminea’s pussy and

began slow in and out strokes, 2cm in, 1cm back, sometimes 1cm in and 1cm back,

building her up for taking me jewels deep. She wrapped her arms around my back

and her legs around my thighs and held me tight, resisting my backing out

strokes, but loving them all the same, and pushing me in deeper on my forward


Once I was all the way in her, we

stopped moving and just held each other tight, breathing in unison, and gazing

into each other's eyes. 

We are so in love. We told each

other so in many different ways, with and without words.

After a few minutes, I said,

“You're right, we should eat. As much as I wish I could, this girl cannot live

on pussy alone.”

We went out to my gourmet kitchen

in search of a wonderful brunch. We found Monique, Marci and Ashely sprawled

out on the plush furniture, still asleep from the late night activities of the

slumber party.


Jasminea wore one of my silk robes,

and my favorite underpants under her robe– none. She kept teasing me with some

of the bananas on the counter, stroking a banana like a clit, putting a peeled

banana inside her pussy, and then pulling it out to bite it’s head off, all in

an erotic fashion. I just love this petite girl. She even peeled a second

banana, stuck it in her pussy and then offered it up to me, putting it in my

mouth. I had a nonstop erect clit under my silk robe.

We were just finishing our erotic

kitchen play when Monique arose and walked over to the kitchen bar where we

were eating and playing. 

Monique was wearing a thin, clingy

top that featured her lovely nipples in a way that was classy and erotic, but

not at all trashy, along with a pair of yoga pants which left nothing to the

imagination, including her delicious cunt lips which were clearly visible with

her camel tow look on prominent display. I could feel my clit getting even


With a frisky smile, Monique said

to Jasminea, “I know what you've been doing!”

“Jealous?” Jasminea said playfully.

“If I were jealous I'd command you

to get on your knees like the good Pink rose girl you are and use that petite

tongue on my pussy, but what good would that do me right now? I'd much rather

go back with you two into Mandy’s bedroom. It seems like it's been forever that

the three of us fucked.” Her eyes were on ours for a hint of acceptance to

help her through her post slumber party hangover.

Just as Jasminea and I started

looking at each other to get a read on what each other was thinking, Monique

slid a wet finger into each of our mouths. There was no doubt where they had

been, with beautiful Marci spread eagle on the couch, slowly fingering her

pussy, sad that Monique was no longer there to finger fuck her. Good thing

that Ashley was crawling towards Marci to use her tongue where Monique’s

fingers had been to keep her satisfied.


Seeing the expression on Jasminea's

face with Monique’s finger in her mouth, I had no doubt what her answer would


Jasminea smiled at Monique and

said, “Of course Mistress. May I ride first?” Monique nodded, with a

lustful smile, knowing exactly what ‘ride’ meant in this context. Jasminea

smiled sweetly at me and said, playfully, “Now don't you keep us girls waiting

too long, Honey. I am pissed at you for not cumming in my pussy this

morning. You know you could have, but your fucking mental tantric control

is too strong, even for this amazing body and tight pussy to overcome.” She

slyly smiled and wiggled her hips in a dance move at me, knowing that she would

get her load of my cum soon enough.


I finished my coffee and made my

way to my bedroom suite to where Monique and Jasminea had departed a few

moments before.


Jasminea and Monique were already

naked and going at it. Jasminea had Monique on her back, legs wide open, mouth

on her clit, and two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. 

I love watching a woman going down

on another, especially when she’s in doggy position. I saw it as an open

invitation and put my fingers into Jasminea's pussy, just to make sure she was

ready. Hot and ready she was. So was I.

No slow entry this time. I went in

jewels deep with one plunge. Jasminea's pussy welcomed my clit, clamping down

on me with a perfect grip as she moaned into Monique’s cunt with a “Oh fuck



Kneeling behind Jasminea, I could

see her eating and fingering Monique’s pussy by just leaning to either side.

Without even leaning, I could see Monique's face, flush with excitement, the

gleam in her eyes, the contented smile as she was being eaten and fingered, her

lovely breasts moving up and down faster and faster as her breathing was

getting heavier, and her perfect nipples standing at attention. 

I could see Jasminea's beautiful,

firm, petite ass against my hips. The curve from her tiny waist to her

hips is most pronounced in this position, and it looks both beautiful and

erotic. Backing out a little, I gave Jasminea an opportunity to spread her

knees a bit farther, to allow for deeper penetration. She loves deep doggie

style, and arched her back a git to demonstrate her submissive posture. 


In this position, I got a different

erotic view of Jasminea’s perfect ass and her lean, thin, legs. Backing out

even more, I got to see her hot, wet pussy in a better light. Backing out a

little more and leaning over a little, I could see her engorged clit getting a

deeper and deeper shade of hot pink. 

“You both look beautiful from

here,” I said, and I was being 100% truthful.

All this time, Jasminea’s pussy

felt so good for my clit to move in and out of while I admired the beautiful

scenery. She was so focused on tonguing Monique to climax, she did not bother

tightening her Cagle muscles on my clit, so it was just smooth, warm and wet

for my penetrating thrusts. 


Monique was getting closer to

orgasm, and I was thrilled. Like many of my girl friends and fuck buddies, what

she likes most after an orgasm is to be well fucked with my long, thick clit

which is why I gave her a replica of my clit, fully engorged, for her birthday

a month ago. She loved it.


Monique had turned into a fun fuck

over the past month or so. Gone were the commanding Rose girl sessions of

me on my knees in the bathroom somewhere. What she really enjoyed with me

now were the intimate, loving, fuck sessions in our beds, staring into each

other’s eyes as the orgasms rolled over us time and time again, her legs

wrapped around my tiny waist, our fingers tangled in our silky soft hair, our

tongues dancing in our passionate mouths.


I was looking forward to fucking

her this morning. Something about her just really turned me

on. Probably a function of how she dominated me in my initiation session

into the Rose community that fateful night back in my first year at Vixen



but I could wait until she came on

Jasminea’s tongue. 

I slowed down pumping Jasminea's

pussy so she could concentrate on getting Monique off. Instead of speed, I

focused on sensuality, and Jasminea was getting more and more aroused.

Monique's breathing got faster,

shallower, and more irregular. Her jaw fell open a bit. Her stomach and abdomen

started jumping a little. For a brief moment, I was a little disappointed I

wasn't the one bringing her off, but then I realized if I was the one bringing

her off, I wouldn't be able to focus on watching all this happening in so much

vivid detail.

Monique was right on the edge, and,

without a doubt, my Jasminea was going to bring her over it. Even though

Monique was her main focus, Jasminea was still able to work my clit hotly and

tenderly as I continued to slide in and out her sweet pussy with slow, sensuous


Suddenly, Monique froze and

completely stopped breathing for a few moments. Her abdomen started pulsing and

her breathing came back with a woosh. She started gasping and bucking her butt

off the bed. Jasminea stopped licking Monique’s clit and focused on fingering

her. Monique was having a full body orgasm, my Jasminea was making it happen,

and I had a ringside seat for it all, complete with a hot, sweet pussy to drill

with my clit for the whole show.

The look on a girl’s face after she

has just had a powerful orgasm is a sight to behold that never gets old.

Monique looked radiant. She sat up and hugged and kissed us both like we had

just rescued her from drowning and, at the same moment, given her the lottery

jackpot. Gone were her hangover blues, replaced with a natural high the likes

of which she always enjoys.

Jasminea knew what Monique needed

next. She edged herself out of our hug and started leaning Monique back down on

the bed. 

Jasminea also knew what I wanted

next. Before putting my clit into Monique's pussy, Jasminea positioned me so I

could get licks some of Monique's delicious cum juices. Her clit was still

quite sensitive from cumming, so I had to go easy. I found just the right

connection to get the most of her juices without overstimulating her.

“You taste wonderful, Monique,” I

told her.

“Your tongue feels wonderful,

Mandy,” she said.

I could have licked Monique’s sweet

pussy juices much longer, but I didn't want to keep her waiting for my clit.

Getting fucked by a T Girl while her after orgasm spasms are still going on is

very powerful for a girl , and I didn't want Monique to miss out on that. 

I gave Monique one last affectionate

lick on her pussy as I moved up her body, stopping to kiss her nipples a little

on the way by. They were so hard and responsive. As my clit moved towards

Monique’s pussy, Jasminea was parting Monique’s pussy lips with one hand and

grabbing my clit with the other. 

I knew a fast, deep plunge would be

too shocking for Monique, but a long, slow entry would be too dragged out for

her. I looked into her eyes, tuned into her breathing, felt the way she had her

arms around me, and knew I had a good read on her. I have fucked her hundreds

of times, but her young, athletic body allows her pussy to regenerate and her

cunt always seems as tight as that first time I fucked her by the roaring fire

in the dorm library our first year after I was gang banged into the Rose


I put my clit into Monique’s pussy

about 1cm, paused, but didn't back out. I could feel her pussy gently pulling

me in. That was the signal I was hoping for. On Monique’s next breath, I gave

her another 1cm or so. I could still feel the heat and the pulses from her

orgasm. She could too, and her eyes opened wide. When I was in about 5cm, I

could feel the pulses even stronger, and she was ready to take more of



With Monique’s next breath, I went

in to about 7.5cm deep. The first 7.5cm of a woman's pussy are the most

sensitive, so I didn't want to back out yet. I gave her another 3cm or so, then

pulled back. I did that, in and out, in and out, in and out, for a few breaths,

and she was getting into it. 

Suddenly, Monique’s pussy got a lot

wetter and her breathing changed, moving into high gear. 

“Oh yes. Mandy. Please

fuck me Mandy!” Monique begged.

Monique was one hot fuck, a

beautiful, trim, athletic body, full, perky tits with erect nipples when she is

aroused, a willingness to try anything, and knows when to beg for more. She was

begging me now to fuck her, and I knew she needed it hard and deep. I gave

her what she asked for. On her next breath, I gave her all the rest of my clit

with one deep plunge, then backed out a couple of centimeters. She loved it, so

I gave those same couple centimeters to her again, and again, and again

slapping our pelvises together as I bottomed out in her accommodating love tunnel. 

Monique and I continued pounding

each other, hard hot stroke, after hard hot stroke, after hard hot stroke,

again and again. Fucking a hot girl who is even hotter from just cumming is a

wonderful delight, and here I was getting to do it again.


Jasminea was licking, fondling and

nibbling on my nipples, stroking my ass, fingering my anal star while I was

fucking Monique, delighting in the squeals of pleasure she was eliciting from

me with each technique.


The pulses from Monique's orgasm

seemed like they took forever to stop, but it was time to bring Jasminea back

into the action, and I knew what she would want. I moved up onto my knees,

keeping my clit deep inside Monique, licking her lovely nipples on the way

up. I nodded for Jasminea to join the action and the smile on her face was


Jasminea wasted no time squatting

her pussy onto Monique's face. Monique put everything she was feeling into

licking Jasminea's pussy … appreciation, affection, joy, fun, and passion, and

Jasminea's pussy was soaking up every bit of it.


From this position, there were more

lovely erotic zone body parts than I could touch at any one time. I did my best

to move my hands around them all, without neglecting the others. 


I had easy access to Monique's

clit. It was ready to be caressed, pinched, flicked and rubbed. and I gave

it all the attention it deserved, many times, and in many ways. I had easy

access to two sets of lovely, delectable breasts. I could lean over and kiss

them any one of them, and I took full advantage, kissing all four of them, over

and over again, trying the best I could to spread my kisses evenly between them

all. I also put my hands all over them, gently rubbing all four hot nipples

with my fingers and thumbs, making sure they all stayed hard and pointed in

between licks.


With Monique on her back, me

fucking her, and Jasminea riding on Monique’s face, Jasminea’s face was close

enough to mine that we could kiss. I love Jasminea’s kisses, and when her pussy

is being eaten, her kisses are even hotter. From this position, I could hug

Jasminea, as long as I made sure to not get too carried away and pull her off

of Monique's face. Lining up our nipples as we kissed was

magical. She cupped and fondled my breasts as we kissed, giving me the

full attention a lover should. 


Directly in front of me was

Jasminea's beautiful face. When her eyes were opened, she gave me sweet looks

of love and affection. When her eyes were closed, I could see the expressions

of joy on her face. I could see her lovely smile whether her eyes were open or


A short glance below Jasminea’s

sweet face were her soft, smooth, perky breasts, with her excited nipples

pointing straight out. On the bed, Monique was on her back with her perky

nipples still straight up, and I had a great view of her pussy. I could see all

this while my clit was moving in and out of Monique's pussy, still hot off an


“This is fucking hot.” I said,

again, loving the after party experience.

 Note to self, I need to host

more slumber parties with an after party focus .


Jasminea was getting close to

orgasm. I could see it in her eyes. I put my hands out to her. She put her

hands in mine, and we held each other's gaze. I watched her eyes get wider, her

breathing hasten, and her body start to tense. 

Jasminea’s body began quaking and

she gripped my hands tighter. Her orgasm was erupting. Her first reflex

response was to close her eyes, but she opened them right away and continued to

look into mine, including me in her orgasm. She didn't moan or say a word, and

only gasped quietly as she squirted girl cum all over Monique’s beautiful face.

Her chest heaved for about a dozen breaths. Even though this was a quiet orgasm

for Jasminea, I could tell she was feeling it deeply.

When Jasminea’s breathing calmed

down and her grip relaxed, I knew she was done cumming. I put my arms around

her and gently lifted her off of Monique. Monique got up, we did a short group

hug, and I quickly took Monique’s place, on my back. on the bed so

Jasminea could get a good, after orgasm ride on my clit. 


Before mounting me, Jasminea put

her pussy over my mouth so I could lick some of her cum juices. After a few

good licks, I lifted her hips and guided her down to my clit. I knew she needed

that, and I was ready for her.

Jasminea slid onto my throbbing

clit slowly and gracefully, pausing a few times to adjust her grip before

taking all of me. I could feel the pussy spasms from her orgasm still going on,

and they seemed to continue forever. She let out a long, deep sigh as she

bottomed out with all 25cm of my clit buried deep inside her cunt .

Jasminea closed her eyes and did

some slow gyrations, small circles with her hips to make sure I was stimulating

every part of her pussy, similar to how she had steered Julie on my clit that

morning. My focus on Jasminea got interrupted when Monique gave me a big, sweet

kiss, then put her sweet pussy over my mouth. Here I was again, lying on my

back with my lovely girlfriend riding my clit and one of my beautiful friends

with her sweet pussy on my mouth.

The way Monique’s clit was feeling

on my tongue, it was obvious she was building up to another orgasm. I knew if,

besides licking her, I could give her some good fingering, she could have a

stronger orgasm, but that would be harder to do with her facing my feet. 

I gave Monique a little steer, like

I was leading her in a dance. She got the message, turned around to face me,

and put her clit back on my mouth. Now, I could easily put my fingers deep into

her pussy, even her anal star, while licking her clit.

I started with one finger in her

pussy, put it in to the second knuckle and bent it to stroke the G spot behind

Monique’s clit. She loved it. After a few minutes, she was ready for another

finger. I used my middle and ring fingers, using my ring finger mostly to keep

my hand in place, and my middle finger to stroke behind her clit. I kept

licking her clit, too.


Jasminea was using her soft,

delicate fingers to caress my breasts and fondle my nipples as she knows I love

nipple play when fucking. Her cork screw motion with her hips was lovely, so

sensuous. It was heaven. I could feel her experience several minor

orgasms as she rocked and wiggled her hips to bury my clit deep in her



Things were building nicely.

Monique's juices were flowing more, her movements were getting more determined,

and her pussy was getting even more responsive to my moves. Meanwhile, Jasminea

was riding my clit so beautifully, like a jockey after a big win, trotting

around the race course, mini orgasm followed by mini orgasm, again and again.

Monique seemed to need something

else to bring her over the edge. I got my other hand out from under her leg,

brought it down her abdomen, and, took the root of her clit between my thumb

and finger, gently squeezing, tugging, milking, and stroking it, all while

continuing to lick the tip of it. It kept growing, and getting harder in my mouth. 

That did it. Monique went off. I

stopped stimulating her clit, but kept both hands in place, sandwiching her

clit with my fingers inside her pussy and my other hand cupped over the

outside, both hands following her every move and riding with her. I could feel

Jasminea steering some of Monique’s movements, too. Unlike Jasminea's orgasm,

Monique's second orgasm was not a quiet one. 


“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed as

she came.

When Monique stopped cumming, I

gave her a few licks to collect some of her juices, Jasminea pulled herself off

of my clit, giving up her place to Monique. After getting Monique mounted onto

my clit, she repositioned Monique’s right leg in between my legs so she was

straddling just my right leg and laid her across my chest, putting her head on

my left shoulder. She instinctively reached out with her lips and started

suckling my left nipple. 

I put my arm around Monique. Her

involuntary orgasmic contractions from this climax were even stronger than her

first one. 

Jasminea crawled up on my right

side, putting her head onto my right shoulder and started suckling my right

nipple. I had lovely girlfriends on each arm, experiencing the delightful

sensation of having my nipples attended to by two beautiful girls in their post

orgasmic, blissful state.  My clit still in Monique’s hot, sweet



“You bitch! Why didn’t you cum

in my pussy? You know that my orgasm is always that much stronger when I

feel your cum filling me up. You and your tantric tricks. Promise me

that I get to taste your cum later.” Jasminea laced her mini rant with

loving kisses on my nipple before continuing to suckle it.


“Of course, babe. I

promise. For now, right now, just enjoy the moment. The perfect

moment with the three of us.“


The three of us laid there, enjoying

our afterglow for a while.

After about 30 minutes, Marci and

Ashley brought champagne and nibbles into my bedroom.


“Marci, I see you found the stash

of Crystal Champagne. “They had wheeled in a drink cart with two bottles of

Crystal Champagne in ice buckets and another 4 bottles in the glass encased,

portable refrigerated compartment below the topside serving level. 


“Refreshments anyone?” Marci,

in one of my short silk robes which barely covered her gorgeous

ass, smiled  as she poured herself a tall flute of the delicious



Monique who had not nibbled with

Jasminea and I before our three way stopped suckling and perked up . “Yes,



Marci handed out flutes

of champagne and small crackers of gourmet cheese and smoked

salmon. â€œMandy, you always have the best. Remind me to get you to

throw more slumber parties!” Marci was now sitting on the bed, touching my

bare leg as she sipped her champagne. 


My bed is a modified king size hart

shaped bed, large enough for all 5 of us and we started nibbling, sipping and

chatting about the events of last night and this morning. The sun was

streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows and the day was glorious as

we all finished our first glass and begged marcs to pour another round.


After a while, I got an odd

sensation from Ashley. She had barely talked to me last night and only

seemed to have eyes for Marci this morning When Marci got into a lesbian

relationship with Ashley a few months ago, she made it clear to Ashley, as much

as she loved her, she still needed to be fucked by me as her White Rose

Mistress once in a while and wasn’t going to give up the opportunity to take my

large, thick clit into her tight pussy, even tighter ass, and deep down her

throat when she could. As a result, Ashely seemed cold to me and I

decided not to enforce my Rose Community rights over her. Besides,

she was sort of a bitch to me on my initiation night in the Dorm

Library my first year so I never really found the need to interact with her. Too

many other, gorgeous, young, willing Pink Rose girls from which to choose.


The first time Ashley came over

with Marci, Ashley was quite cold to me, barely hugged me, and was mostly an

observer as I made love to Marci, one of the most beautiful girls on campus. It

was obvious Ashley would have preferred Marci stop getting laid by me

altogether. Marci knew what she needed though, and had no plans to stop. Being

my good submissive Red Rose Girl any time soon.

Reluctantly, Ashley went along.

They kept coming over, I kept fucking Marci, Ashley kept watching us, and they

kept coming back. 


Over time, Ashley was warming up to

me. The last time they were over, Ashley even gave me a few naked hugs as

she enjoyed one of my silk robes by the fireplace. As we went to bed that

night, she squeezed my ass and told me to really fuck Marci hard that night as

it turned her on to watch Marci’s tits bounce when I fucked her

hard. Ashely and Marci even slept with me that night when Marci finally

begged for a break from all the pounding. I told her we would end

with a bang and put her on all fours, put Ashley beneath her, face to face, and

fucked her in her ass until I dumped a huge load as deep inside her anal love

tunnel as I could. Ashely just kissed Marci and fondled her dangling

breasts as I pounded her from behind, winking at me in appreciation for letting

her participate. I even got Ashley to crawl under Marci and clean my

clit off after cumming in Marci’s ass. Turns out that she loves ass to

mouth play and made love to my clit that night, making sure to lick and suck up

every drop of cum from not only my clit, but also Marci’s ass when Marci

squatted over her face to give her an entire ass load directly into her

mouth. Marci was clearly the dominant and it was sexy as hell to watch her

command Ashley to tongue fuck her anal star to make sure she sucked out all my

love juice.


When they arrived into my bedroom

this afternoon, Ashley had a much softer look about her. Marci announced,

“Mandy, Ashley wants to talk to you about something.”

Ashley and Marci made a space

between them. I crawled over on the bed and sat there, turning slightly toward

Ashley. Ashley took my hand and looked intently at me. Her hard edge was gone.

I was struck by how soft and vulnerable she was. I also noticed how she was

shaking. This was important. I put my other hand on top of hers, and she got a

little calmer. 

“Mandy, you know how unsure I was

in the beginning about Marci having sex with you. Over these past few months,

I've watched you make love to Marci, Monique and Jasminea like I've never

seen anybody make love, and I've seen what your lovemaking does to them. I’ve

especially noticed how Marci glows for the next few days after we’ve been here

and how that glow fades when we haven't been here for a while.”

Ashley took a few deep breaths,

gathered herself, then continued, “I haven't allowed anyone with a cock or T

Girl clit to fuck me since I was a teenager, and it was nothing like how

I’ve seen you make love to Marci, Monique and Jasminea. Even during your

initiation gang bang, I just used the strap on dildo with you, not letting you

fuck me like you did with Julie and a few others. After seeing what your

lovemaking has done for Marci, Monique and Jasminea, I want to try sex

with someone with a T Girl clit. If you'd be willing, I'd like that T Girl to

be you, but I'd like to talk about it first. I know that you could command

me, only a Red Rose Girl, to do anything you wanted since you are a White

Rose Mistress. In fact, I will get on my knees and suck you off right now

if you command me, but I want to have a relationship with you that is special,

like you have with Marci, Monique and Jasminea”

I put my arms around Ashley and

hugged her close to me. I didn’t say anything. I just held her. She was still

shaking, but not so much. It was obvious a burden had been lifted. She had

calmed down – a lot. 

After a while, I said, “This is a

very big step for you, Ashley. I'm honored you would pick me,” pausing, before

I continued. “You've already discussed this with Marci?”

“And Monique and Jasminea, too,”

she said. “I asked Jasminea not to tell you, because I wanted to tell you


“What is it you want to talk


“Well, I hate to put it this way

cuz it might sound worse than it is, but I guess I have some conditions.”

“Con … di … tions?” I asked, ever

so slowly.

“Sort of … like I want Marci to put

your clit into me, to guide it in and kiss me while she is doing it.”

“No problem,” I eased up and took a

long sip of champagne, encouraging Ashley to do the same. “What else?”

“I need you to go easy with me.

It's been years since I've had a love pole as large as yours inside

me. Marci fucks me with a dildo from time to time, but it is only a

fraction of the size of your massive clit.” She was nervously looking down as

she took a large sip of her flute.

“I can do that. Is there anything


“Well, I'm not ready for you to cum

in my pussy. Maybe my mouth or my ass, but not in my pussy as I am not on

the pill right now.”

“No problem. Is that it?”

“I think so.”

“Well, I have some conditions,

too,” I said playfully, taking a sip of champagne and looking at the beautiful

young girl over my flute.

“Like what?” she smiled, lightening


“First, I'll need these three

ladies to help me get you warmed up,” I said, smiling at Marci,

Monique and Jasminea.

“Of course,” she beamed. “What


Jasminea, Monique and Marci

smiled in appreciation for being included in the moment.

“I want to lick your pussy,

especially after you cum.”

“Ok,” she said, like she was giving

up something big, “as long as you let me suck your clit after you cum as well,”

she chuckled. “Is that it?”

“Of course we'll make sure Marci,

Monique and Jasminea get their needs met this afternoon, but if it's

alright with you girls, I think we should make Ashley our main focus of the

afternoon,” I suggested. 

Everybody agreed.

“I have another idea,” I said. “You

know, Ashley, you've never seen me take Marci around the world before. What

would you feel about guiding it inside Marci for an around the world session

tonight? In her mouth, her ass and her pussy, all the while you hold the

base and control the pace, like you are fucking her with me!”

Ashley got very serious. “Mandy,

everything about this is just so wonderful. I never thought I would get

here and never thought you would let me participate as an equal like

Marci. The idea of letting me guide your clit into Marci for an around the

world session is so exciting, I just cannot imagine it. I really want to

kiss Marci’s star after you fuck her there and lick your clit clean of all

her ass juice. Please?” Ashley squeezed my free hand in her

delight. â€œSign me up!”

“Group hug!” Jasminea


Monique, Jasminea Ashley and I all

leaned in and it was all I could do not to begin a French kissing moment with



Marci broke the group hug,

shouting, “Let's fuck!” collecting all the empty champagne flutes and taking

off her silk robe.


We broke into two groups. ,

Jasminea with Marci and Monique. Me with Ashley. Jasminea and Monique were

still naked, and it took only seconds to toss aside Marci’s robe. They took the

left side of the bed and were all over each other, kissing and stroking each

other in all kinds of ways. They were so beautiful to watch, and they set a

wonderful, exciting mood. 

Even though Ashley had asked me to

fuck her, I felt that was her head talking. I could tell she still had some

deep fears in her heart. I decided the best approach was to seduce her, with

baby steps and very few words, as if she hadn’t just asked me to fuck


I started just holding Ashley. I

kissed her on the forehead and stroked her hair. She was calmer and no longer


I backed away from Ashley a little

and offered her my breasts to fondle. She got the message and leaned in to kiss

each of my nipples, making them hard and erect the moment her soft, wet, warm

lips made contact. I hugged her again, drawing her into me, guiding her

mouth to each of my breasts to suckle. When I felt she was comfortable

with that, I reached under the silk robe she was wearing and touched her lower


Without any suggestion from me,

Ashley shrugged off her robe and reached back to me for a hug, bear chest to

bear chest. She had a beautiful body and lovely breasts. Her nipples got hard

just from hugging me, a good sign. I lined up our nipples and then leaned

in to press them together.

I felt Ashley was ready for a kiss.

First, I kissed her gently on the neck, no tongue, just lips. I could tell she

liked it. 

I put my hands on either side of

Ashley’s face, lined up my mouth in front of hers, and slowly brought her face

toward mine. The closer she got, the slower I moved her lips toward mine. As I

hoped, she made the move to close the final gap, and our lips connected. Ashley

was a sexy, passionate kisser, even without using her tongue.

I had a plan. Even though I had set

it up, this was a lip kiss Ashley made happen. If it was going to end or move

to tongues, I was going to let her make the move. Until then, I was committed

to keeping this kiss going, and keep going it did, but I wasn’t giving


I wanted things to move forward, and

I wanted Ashley to take the next step. I wanted it to seem like she was

seducing me. 

I got an idea to invite Ashley’s

tongue. I separated my lips, just a little, without sticking my tongue out. In

no time, her tongue was in my mouth and pulling mine back into hers. That

tongue action took her sexy, passionate kissing to a whole new, much hotter


It was time for more suckling, and

to see how she reacted to letting me take the lead. I took Ashley’s head

in my hands and gently steered her mouth to one of my nipples. Ashley knew how

to charm a nipple. She used just the right amount of stimulation and just the

right amount of pressure. 

I was getting really turned on. I

had always thought of Ashley as really beautiful, a wholesome kind of beautiful,

not a super model like Marci beautiful . She was definitely cute and sexy in

her new demure role

. Fucking her might turn out to be

fun, I was thinking.

Jasminea, Monique and Marci

had left room for us on the right side of the bed. I led Ashley to the empty

side with me, got on my back, and steered Ashley’s head over my shoulder to

suck my nipple. In that position, one of her nipples was dangling right over my


When Ashley realized where I had

lined her up, she went right along and put her nipple into my mouth. It was

very responsive. She switched sides, working my other nipple and giving me her

other one. I liked where things were headed.

I got Ashley on top of me in a face

to face hug and kissed her some more. I rolled her onto her back, knelt beside

her, and started kissing my way down her body. I stopped a little at her

nipples, but not for long. 

I kept heading down, increasing the

passion of my kissing as I got closer to Ashley’s tiny waist. As I got

closer, she lifted her ass off the bed, pushed a small pillow under her and

smiled at me, knowing where this was going. This was a very good


Ashley was completely naked.

Instead of moving right into her newly opened territory, I went back up, met

her face to face, and hugged and kissed her again. The passion was building in

us both.

As I started moving back down

Ashley’s body with kisses, she tugged on my breasts, cupping them, caressing

them. This was another good sign. I gave her easy access to use her

fingers to feast on my soft, firm flesh. 

Things were serious now. Ashley and

I were both naked, horny, and getting hotter. I got down on the bed and pulled

her onto me. Now that we were fully naked together, I wanted to make sure she

was comfortable before I hugged or kissed her too intently. Her head was on my

chest, and her belly was resting on my erect clit which was still in search of

its first orgasm of the day. . There was no denying its


Ashley seemed okay with things, so

I hugged her tighter, and she hugged me back. I pulled her up for a kiss. As

her pussy got closer my clit, she got up on her knees, raising her pussy up

away from it. She gave me a long hot kiss, then started kissing her way down my

body like I had done to her, only she didn’t stop at my waist. 

When Ashley’s kissing got to my

clit, she didn't put her mouth on my clit. Instead, she took it in her hands

and fingers, and squeezed it gently and looked closely at it, in many different

ways. I wanted her to get comfortable with it, and she was.

After a while, Ashley straddled my

crotch, sitting with her pussy along my clit, which was laying on my abdomen

lengthwise. I loved the feel of the heat from her pussy on my clit. This was

one sexy girl, with her pussy resting against my clit, getting ready for her

first ever natural T Girl fuck, and it was me she was getting ready to



Ashley was now ready for a big

step. I guided her body up to my face, keeping her in the same kneeling

position. She saw where this was headed and didn't hesitate. Once she was close

enough, I began stroking her abdomen, hips, thighs, butt, and upper mons with

my hands. Zeroing in, I found her clit. I worked it between my thumbs while

gently massaging her abdomen with my hands and fingers. She liked it and

reciprocated by gently stroking my face, breasts and neck.


I guided Ashley’s body further

up mine and she put her pussy onto my mouth. I began licking her clit, and she

responded by moving with my rhythms. She had a lovely pussy with hot, sweet

juices. My tongue parted her pussy lips. I moved closer to her sweet love

tunnel with every lick. When I got my tongue there, more sweet pussy juices


Ashley was responding well, so I

put a finger into her. She accepted it beautifully. She was riding my finger

and mouth very erotically. Just as I was about to put a second finger in,

Jasminea, Monique and Marci surrounded us. 

“You two look like you're having

fun!” Jasminea said.

We sat up and paid attention to


Marci looked at me and announced,

“Monique’s tongue is magical and I’m getting close to cumming,” then, grabbing

my clit and smiling, added, “and I’ll be needing this soon.”

I smiled. Inside, I was smiling

even more. There I was in bed with four beautiful girls, all of them my

submissive sex slaves   with my White Rose Status, if I wanted

to go that direction, or just a group of fuck buddies about to engage in an

after slumber party fuck fest the likes of which I had not experienced

before. Never with four others.


Turning to Ashley, Marci asked,

“Are you still planning on doing the honors?” glancing back at my clit still in

her hand.

Ashley looked lovingly at her,

hugged her, and said, “I'd love to, but first, I’d love to take over getting

you off?”

“You go for it, girlfriend!” Marci


“Can I get a few licks first?” I

asked, thinking I was asking Ashley.

“Oh, yes!” Marci answered before

Ashley could even speak, throwing herself back onto the bed, spreading her legs

wide open, then pulling her pussy lips apart with her fingers.

As I went down on Marci, she pulled

her knees up beside her ribs and put her feet on my shoulders, giving me wide

open access to everything. It was such a lovely sight. Jasminea had been

working Marci's pussy for a while now, so it was already very hot and wet. When

I put my mouth and tongue on it, it was delicious and oh, so responsive.

Jasminea started kissing Marci and each of Ashley and Monique began

suckling Marci’s perfect breasts with their erect and responsive

nipples. Marci was in heaven.


Just to be sure Marci didn't cum

before I turned her over to Ashley, I licked her clit and pussy affectionately

and playfully, but not passionately. I put two fingers into her pussy, but I

moved them more like a tease than with any intent to get her off. 

I could have easily enjoyed licking

and playing with Marci’s lovely pussy much longer, but I knew Ashley was

waiting to do that next. Besides, as soon as Ashley edged her closer and closer

to her orgasm, I was getting closer and closer to fucking the beautiful Marci,

and I was very much looking forward to that.


I backed away from Marci's pussy

and let Ashley take over. Ashley licked Marci's clit with great gusto while

working her fingers in and out of her pussy. At first, Ashley used just 1

finger, but it was soon joined by 2, then 3 and when Marci came, Ashley had

four fingers jammed into her pussy, cupped up and working her G Spot for all

Marci was worth. 


I thought of helping Ashley, but

then I remembered Ashley was our primary focus for the night. Jasminea got the

message, too, and we both started caressing Ashley as she worked Marci into a

frenzy. I was behind Ashley, kissing and caressing her cunt, anal star and

inner thighs. Jasminea moved from Marci’s mouth to Ashley’s breasts and

suckled them as they dangled down underneath her petite frame. Monique,

for her part, lifted Ashley’s face just a bit, not so much to prevent her from

tonguing Marci, but just enough to kiss her forehead and cheeks. It was obvious

she was liking it. 

I wanted to get to know Ashley’s

pussy better. The way Ashley was positioned while eating Marci, I had easy

access to it. I gently moved my caresses in that direction, and she gladly

accepted them. I put two fingers into her pussy and stroked them behind her

clit while Jasminea stroked her breasts. I could already tell Ashley was going

to do just fine being fucked with my large clit. 

Jasminea and I got Ashley going so

much she was losing her focus on Marci, so we backed off of stimulating Ashley

and moved up to Marci's face and breasts again. We stroked Ashley’s face and

hair, and I kissed her. With Monique’s encouragement, I straddled Marci’s face,

wanting her to scream her climax onto my clit in her mouth. Jasminea tapped

Ashley on the head and she stopped her tongue licking long enough to realize

that this was the first of her guiding my clit into Marci for her around the

world experience. She reached up with her free hand and twirled her finger

to get me to rotate so that I was facing Ashley. It was a better position

to deep throat a girl on her back. 


Ashely then guided my clit into

Marci's mouth by pulling me forward at the base and making sure to push

the tip of my clit between Marci’s begging lips. 


Jasminea helped Marci in the near

throws of an orgasm to tilt her head back so that I could deep throat her face

up . Marci gulped me so sweetly, taking me all the way down her throat. I love

the way she swirled her tongue on my clit.

I looked down at Marci's lovely

breasts, thinking maybe some stimulation there might help get Marci hotter.

Monique noticed where I was going, and she mouthed one of Marci's delectable

nipples. With Ashley now back to licking Marci’s clit and fingering her pussy,

Jasminea licking a breast, my clit deep down Marci’s throat, it didn't take

Marci much longer to cum.


Sometimes a girl can leave you

wondering whether or not she really had an orgasm. Not Marci. She screamed,

bucked, and gasped like she was having the orgasm of her life, but it was all

muffled with my clit in her mouth. Lord knows how loud she would have been if

she had not been muffled. After what seemed like an eternity, she went



I pushed Ashley aside, cum splashed

all over her angelic face, knelt between Marci's legs, gave her pussy a sweet

kiss, and lined my clit up near her pussy, waiting for Ashley to guide me in.

Ashley grabbed my clit with just the right pressure and steered me home. Marci

likes a deep plunge after she cums, and that's what I gave her. Ashley was

mesmerized at the junction point of my clit gliding into Marci’s bald,

smooth pussy.  It took Ashley minutes to release my clit as she was

just transfixed by the scene, mindlessly moving her hand at the base of my clit

as it plunged deeply into Marci’s tight love tunnel. . 


Marci was definitely ready to be

fucked. Her inner pussy walls were still having intense involuntary

contractions from her orgasm, and I was happy to help keep them going for a

while longer with my clit deep inside her. After satisfying some of her need for

deep thrusting, it was time to give her some shallow strokes. 


I backed out all but 3 centimeters

of my clit. I could tell by the look on Marci’s face she was wondering if I was

pulling out completely, and I could tell when I stopped she was glad I didn’t.

I gave her back another centimeter and stroked her back and forth that way a

little before giving her another deep thrust. Marci was pinned down by

Jasminea and Monique suckling her nipples, the smile on her face just



I gave Marci a mix of shallow

strokes and deep strokes, never letting her know in advance what she was

getting next. We were both having fun. Her pussy felt wonderful. I gave

her several more deep strokes, then paused all the way in, leaned down, weaved

between Monique and Jasminea, and kissed her tenderly, her arms around my back,

pulling my breasts to hers as she experienced a mini orgasm with my clit deeply

buried in her cunt. It was magical feeling Monique’s Jasminea’s and

Ashley’s hands all over me, stroking me, caressing me, making love to my skin

with their fingertips.


“Do me doggy!” Marci begged.

I love it when a woman knows what

she wants and asks for it, especially when what she wants is my clit. I pulled

out and waited for Marci to get on her knees. I knelt behind her, and Ashley

put my clit back into Marci’s pussy. Ashley was getting very comfortable with

handling my clit.

Marci loves doing doggy, and I love

doing it with her, and there I was, doing it with her again. But it was time to

complete the around the world adventure.


I motioned for Ashley to spit on

Marci’s anal star and work her fingers into it. She was eager to comply

and within minutes, she had three fingers deeply plunging into Marci’s firm,

taunt ass. I could feel her fingers through the thin wall of flesh

separating Marci’s anal love tunnel from her pussy love tunnel. I pulled

all the way out and nodded to Ashley. She knew what to do. She gently

caressed my clit base and with both hands, she guided my rock hard clit into

Marci’s winking anal love tunnel. The groan from Marci when I pushed in

with Ashley’s assistance was guttural, and sexy. Ashely grabbed my ass and

pulled me in so that I would bottom out in Marci’s cute ass, giving me a loving

pat on the ass when I was jewels deep in her lover.


I gave my clit to Marci deep, gave

her some strokes at varying depths, gave her some deep stroking again, then

paused deep inside her. 

Marci put a pillow under her

abdomen, and I knew what she wanted next. She straightened out her legs, and,

without taking my clit out of her ass, she put her belly down on the


I changed the angle of my

penetration, giving Marci lots of stimulation on the wall between her pussy and

her anal star. From this angle, I knew I could massage her anal G Spot and

finish her off with an anal orgasm, a rare treat for a girl. She was in

heaven, and I was too. It only took me 15 strokes to feel her tense up.

Monique and Jasminea held her down with hands on her back so I could keep

the tip of my clit on her anal G Spot Ashely was stunned and speechless.

Finally, Marci spoke. â€œLet me

ride you cowgirl,” Marci said.

I backed out of Marci’s ass and

before I could do anything, Ashley was right there, French kissing her lover’s

anal star with all the passion she had. Then Ashley grabbed the base of my

clit and guided the tip to her mouth for an ass to mouth suck

session. Ashley’s eyes were closed and it was obvious that she was

enjoying the taste of her lover’s ass on my clit in her mouth. 


Then, Marci rolled aside. I got on

my back where she was and got ready for her to mount me. Before climbing on,

though, Marci stuck my clit in her mouth and took me right down to the

root. I love girls who enjoys ass to mouth and Marci was a

semi-professional at it. Better than Ashley, but she had much more


Marci lifted her head off my clit

and signaled to Ashley to grab it as if she was ready to climb on. Instead,

Marci put her mouth back on my clit, with Ashley still holding my root. She did

this a few times before getting into cowgirl position.


“Which hole?” Ashley asked

with a cute smile.


Marci was so playful. â€œYour

choice, babe.” When Marci finally moved into position, Ashley made sure my

clit was aimed at her anal star. She slid onto my clit, her ass took it

all in one quick gulp, kissing Ashley’s fingers as she did so.


I figured Ashley would be more

excited about being fucked if she had an orgasm first. I also thought it would

help her be more comfortable with me fucking her if I was the one who brought

her to that orgasm. Jasminea and Monique understood and Guided Ashley to

sit on my face, facing away from Marci. I did not want Ashely and Marci to

get into a kissing session while I tongued Ashley to what would be her first

squirting orgasm in my mouth.


Ashley had already said this whole

thing was scary for her, so I wanted to make sure she stayed comfortable with

everything. A girl feels more in control on top, so I decided to keep Ashley on

top of me while Monique and Jasminea fondled and caressed her breasts, stroked

her ass and even fingered her anal star a bit.  Ashley was squirming

in delight at all the attention.

With Marci riding my clit, I guided

Ashley to wiggle her pussy on my lips to give me the perfect access to her



Ashley was riding my tongue in the

same rhythm as Marci was riding my clit. It was all I could do not to cum

right then.


When I knew that Ashley was close

to cumming, I turned Ashley around so that she could now engage with her lover

as they both came again, together, my clit deep in Marci’s ass and my tongue

deep in Ashley’s pussy. 


Marci was still riding me cowgirl

while stroking Ashley's hair, neck, and back. Sometimes, Marci would lean over

and kiss Ashely in a deep tongue dance, or kiss Ashley’s neck, shoulders, or

back, or reach her hand up and stroke, rub and fondle her tits. It was all

very sweet, and Ashley was getting into it. Jasminea and Monique were helping,

too, stroking Ashley’s butt and rocking her back and forth on my tongue and


Ashley’s clit got fuller, her

movements got more intense, and her pussy was getting wetter. I could tell she

was getting closer to cumming. 

Just as I felt the connection I had

with Ashley’s pussy and clit had gone to a whole new level and we were really

in sync, Ashley said, “Right there, Mandy! Just like that! Don’t stop! Don’t



It didn’t take much longer.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Ashley

exclaimed, rocking back and forth on my face and fingers, with her pussy juices

flowing even sweeter into my mouth.

I eased up some on Ashley’s clit

while she came, but stroked her pussy behind her clit even harder. When she

finally stopped cumming, she looked like she had just run a marathon. 

Marci and Jasminea wasted no time

getting Marci straddled over my clit. Jasminea spread Ashley’s pussy lips while

Marci guided my clit into Ashley. Ashley set her own downward pace, taking me

much faster than I would have expected. When she got down to my root, a big

smile came over her face and she just sat there for a bit, Jasminea and Monique

suckling her tits. Marci was nearly passed out next to us, having achieved

another anal orgasm watching Ashley cum.


Ashley’s contractions from after

her orgasm were still strong, and she seemed to like having a clit inside her

highlighting them. I certainly liked having mine there.


Marci, Jasminea, Monique and I

all gave Ashley big hugs and kisses, making a big deal of this special moment

for her. Tears of joy watered up in Ashley’s eyes as she sat there, my clit

jewels deep in her pussy, us flesh to flesh. I was glad this was turning out so

well for her.

I felt something twitch around my

clit. Ashley was squeezing and releasing my clit with her pussy muscles. She

was really getting comfortable with having me inside her now, and started

moving a bit. It was so great to see the expressions on her face as her pussy

was exploring the feeling of having a large natural T Girl clit in it for the

first time ever. 

Jasminea has a wonderful way of

moving women’s bodies when they are riding my clit, and she began helping

Ashley with her exploratory movements. First, she rocked Ashley back and forth

from her hips. Then she rocked her a little from her knees. Then she got her

moving her ass up and down, taking my clit out about an inch or so, then taking

my whole length again. Jasminea got Ashley taking bigger strokes on my clit,

then brought her back down for a rest.

Ashley was doing fine in cow

girl position, and I wanted to give her a rich, full experience. I slid out

from under her and knelt behind her. Marci took my clit and guided it into her

pussy. Monique took advantage of Ashely on all fours and spread her legs

in front of her so that she could lean down and get her off with her tongue as

I fucked her from behind in doggie. I went very easy with Ashley and

gave her lots of time to get comfortable with me controlling the entry into her

pussy. I used my slow, 2cm in, 1cm out approach. I could feel her pussy

grabbing for my clit to come in deeper.

After I got all the way in, I gave

Ashley some little strokes, then backed out and gave her some shallow strokes.

I mixed it up with deep strokes, shallow strokes, and pauses, but no fast

strokes. Jasminea got in front of Ashley, kissed her, and they double teamed

Monique’s pussy and clit. Monique lasted only moments before squirting all

over Ashley’s face. Jasminea licked all the cum off Ashley’s face as

she panted with me beginning to pound into her from behind.


“Isn’t Mandy’s clit

amazing!” Jasminea whispered to Ashley. 


“Yes, yes, yes.” Ashely had

another orgasm in perfect time to Jasminea’s question.


Jasminea stroked Ashley’s breasts

as Marci put her fingers on Ashley’s clit from underneath to get her off

again. . I could feel Ashley’s pussy juices flowing. 

I put a pillow under Ashley's

abdomen, and Jasminea and Marci knew exactly where I was headed. Marci got her

face right on top of Ashley’s ass and spit onto her anal star to lube her

up. Marci, following my silent direction, worked 1, then 2 and then 3

fingers into Ashley’s tight, cute anal star. With Jasminea guiding Ashley’s

mouth on Monique’s pussy for a third orgasm in a row, she was distracted when

Marci guided my clit into her ass. It was tight, very tight and Ashley

yelled out, her scream muffled by having her entire mouth clamped around

Monique’s pussy to suck down her cum. I worked Ashley’s ass like I had

worked Marci’s and soon, Ashley was pushing back, wanting more, needing

more. Within 5 minutes, I was jewels deep in Ashley’s cute

ass.  Marci beaming with pride in her girlfriend taking all of me in

her tight ass. Marci and I kissed and she whispered “thank you Mandy” to me as

we broke our lip embrace.


With Ashley limp, it was easy for

Jasminea and Marci to get her into position. They stretched her

out so that her legs were straight, and she was laying face down, while

keeping me deep inside her ass. After she got settled, I moved my clit in her

just a little until I was sure she was comfortable with being fucked in such a

vulnerable position. 

“yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass Mandy.

I am yours, Oh My god I am yours. Take me, Fuck me.” Ashley was in a trance.


I angled the head of my clit so it

was against her anal G Spot and started slowly massaging her in a way she had

never been before. I was treated with guttural groans from my newest play



I began gently caressing it

with my clit. She liked it, and I moved to a gentle tapping. She liked that,

too, so I kept increasing my thrusts until I was pounding her hard. She loved

it. I slowed down, stopped, and laid against her back, my nipples tracing

random patterns on her soft skin. We rested with my clit deep in her ass

in that position for a while, feeling 3 pairs of hands caressing us, stroking

our skin.

From the feel of Ashley’s ass, I

suspected she could be brought to another orgasm. Jasminea, Monique and

Marci seemed aware of this, too. Having one with a clit inside her ass would be

a great experience.  I wanted her to have a treat. Most girls need

clit stimulation to have an orgasm and very few can achieve an anal orgasm at



I figured with so little anal

experience with a T Girl, Ashley would need that, too.

I backed out of Ashley and rolled

her over onto her back. Jasminea put a pillow under Ashley’s ass and gently

pulled her knees up to her head. She was completely exposed, her anal star

gaping and winking for more. I kneeled behind her ass and pointed my clit

right at her gaping anal star. It’s a great position that allows a girl to

easily get her clit licked or stroked while being fucked in the ass, maybe even

a finger or two inside her pussy.   Marci took over the job of

licking her clit, Monique took the job of fingering her cunt, and Jasminea,

needing an orgasm, sat on Ashley’s face, wiggling her petite pussy into

position on Ashley’s lips. 


Marci guided my clit back into

Ashley’s ass and went right down on her clit while Monique focused on putting 3

fingers in her cunt and using her other hand to caress her nipples. Some girls

need a long time between orgasms, and some need no time at all. I was

pleased that Ashley fell into the later category.


“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Ashley screamed, louder and longer than she did during her last anal orgasm,

bucking her ass off the bed and gasping for air while her anal star was

grabbing my clit, over, and over, and over. 

Having my clit inside a girl’s ass

while she comes is a hot, wonderful experience, and there I was, experiencing

it again.

After her next orgasm, it was clear

Ashley was now ready for missionary. I knelt in front of her, spread her legs,

and gave her some affectionate and passionate kisses on her pussy, nudging

Marci away like kittens feeding from the same bowl. Jasminea was coming

down from her silent orgasm the result of which was a spray of girl cum all

over Ashley’s face. Monique and Marci kissed all of Jasminea’s cum away

and then, all back off as they knew what was next.


I moved my kisses up Ashley’s body,

stopping to pleasure her nipples on the way up. As I got close to her mouth to

kiss her, my clit was right in front of her pussy. 

Instead of waiting for Marci to put

my clit into Ashley as we had planned, Ashley grabbed my clit herself, stuffed

it in her pussy, wrapped her legs around my thighs, reached her hands around my

butt, and pulled me all the way into her with one strong push. She had a huge

smile on her face. 


“Ass to pussy. A first for me

and I am glad it was with you Mandy!”


Ashley had turned out to be a very

enthusiastic lover, never realizing how wonderful it could be with a T Girl

like me. She passionately made up for all those years of not getting

fucked by a T Girl. I was so glad she had picked me for this. I gave her some

long, loving, hot kisses. Her pussy juices were flowing now, and she was

pounding me from below as much as I was pounding her from above.

I realized that the time was

right. I released my tantric control of my emotional state and allowed the

feeling of love, sex, and community to flow over me. I was about to cum

and it was going to be epic.


I said, “I'm gonna need to cum

soon, girls. How would you like it?”

“Do you want to take it and I'll

eat your creampie?” Jasminea asked Ashley.


“only if you kiss me with

Mandy’s cum,” Monique demanded.


“I was going to demand the same

thing.” Marci added.


“Thanks for letting me eat creampie

tonight,” Jasminea responded with a huge smile.


Ashley jumped into the conversation

and declared, “I want Mandy to cum in me and you all need to kiss her cum into

my mouth after you all eat my creampie, one at a time!”

We were all surprised and so happy

with how Ashley had opened up to things.

I like my clit to be deep in a

girl’s ass when I cum. It matters not, then, if she is a T Girl or a biological

girl. They both have back door love tunnels and I love to fuck

them. I put a pillow under Ashley’s ass again, spread her legs apart, and

pushed them up and back so I could bury my clit deep into her ass again.

Jasminea and Marci guided my clit in. This time, with Ashley’s ass gaping,

Ashley just cooed as the entire length of my clit plunged into her ass. 


The girls were on either side of

us, holding Ashley's legs back and her anal star wide open for me. 


I started pumping Ashley’s hot ass

with longer strokes. Jasminea and Marci each put a hand on my ass and pushed me

deeper into Ashley with each thrust. There I was, fucking one beautiful woman

and two other beautiful women are helping me get off. Monique took advantage of

the situation, and leaned in to kiss me. She whispered. â€œ You go

girl. This is your moment.”


Ashley's eyes were wide open in

anticipation. “Give it to me, Mandy! I need your cum! Fill me up with a big


I glanced quickly at Jasminea and

Marci. They got the message I was ready and pushed me into Ashley’s ass even

harder with every stroke. As I was about to cum, I paused for a second. Out

came my cum, woosh, and I started pumping Ashley again, matching my thrusts

with my cum spurts. 


I felt several big squirts of cum.

I lost count. Then, I had about a dozen little contractions coming from deep

inside my lower abdomen, and I could still feel cum oozing out of the end of my

clit. Four lovely ladies had just helped me have a very powerful orgasm and I

would never forget it.


I backed out of Ashley. Marci dived

right in, licked a load of my cum from Ashley's anal star, moved her mouth up

to Ashley's face, and gave her a kiss full of my cum,  Then Jasminea

did the same. Monique took her time and sucked a huge load from Ashley’s

ass and dumped a mouthful of my cum into Ashley's mouth. Ashley swallowed all

of the kiss loads and smiled after each kiss, licking her lips in satisfaction

each time a new kiss load was added to the mix. 

Jasminea, Monique and Marci

took turns bringing Ashley tongues and fingers full of my cum from her ass

until she had eaten it all. Marci noticed a few drops of my cum on my clit,

dragged me up to Ashley's mouth, and stuck my clit in. Without hesitation,

Ashley sucked every drop I had left, smiled sweetly at me, then gave me a big

hug. â€œI made it around the world with that last ass to mouth move, Mandy,

my love. It was magical.”


What a change from the woman Marci

had brought over a few months ago.

The four of hung out on the bed for

a while, moving in and out of different hug arrangements and basking together

in our afterglow. Ashley was chattier than I had ever seen her, and she was

beaming. We were all so happy for her. We said our goodbyes, and Marci and

Ashley left.

As Jasminea and I snuggled into bed

for the night, I got excited again thinking about the after slumber party

events of the day. My thoughts manifested into a hard clit and Jasminea



 â€œI love you, Jasminea.”

“I love you, Mandy, now get that

clit inside my cunt!”.

We snuggled up in spoon position,

and Jasminea tucked my clit into her warm, wet sweet pussy, my arms around her,

her ass wiggling into my crotch, taking me deep.. 


“fuck me Mandy, Fuck me like your

lover, your toy, your best friend.”


That was all it took and I came

again in her pussy which she tightened up like a vice to milk all the cum out

of me. She has such a talented pussy. 

I hadn't quite fallen asleep yet

when I heard Jasminea say, “Mandy, Honey?”

“Yes, Baby?”

“Is it okay with you if I have some

of my other girlfriends over tomorrow? I think I need to share you with

the world, you are just so amazing!”

I hugged her and pulled my

clit from her pussy to aim it at her anal star. She immediately loosened her

outer sphincter muscles and allowed me to glide into her velvety warm

ass. Without any tantric training intervention, I came again in her ass,

her hips snuggling into my pelvis to take the load deep. 


We fell asleep in each other’s

arms, my clit buried deep in her ass, just the way an after slumber party

should end.


slumber par



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